Thursday, July 17, 2014

six months!

Yesterday marks six months at my job and I am ashamed I did not write a quick post, at least a little blip, about it. How much my life has changed in half a year! I had no idea what I was doing when I accepted this job, I had never been to Greenville, but I was ready to try something new and exciting.

People often feel the need to tell me I'm brave for doing this. And that's freaking spectacular, except I don't feel brave all the time. Does anyone?

I am not consciously brave. My bravest moments are those that were so terrifying and so overwhelming that I had to follow my instinct, squeeze my eyes shut, and pray I make it through. It's later when the word brave gets tacked onto it.

But those moments are the ones that brought me to this place. And I'm so thankful to be here.

Friday, July 11, 2014

sounds of summer | lake weekend

I am at the lake this weekend, which essentially deserves its own playlist. Some of these songs may be familiar to you if you've read my blog for any extended amount of time, but I can't give them up. Enjoy!
(ps—here are some pictures from last year's lake adventure!)

(lake songs start at #11)

dancing in the moonlight | toploader
This is a perfect summer song. Also, it reminds me of A Walk to Remember when Landon takes that girl to the state border/two places at once/I'm crying. 

hey mama | mat kearney
Another perfect summer song. 

naked as we came | iron & wine
I essentially listen to this song once every 48 hours it seems, so I can't not include it. 

pumpin blood | nonono
This is cutesy and doesn't it just make you wanna get outside?

thunder clatter | wild cub
I added this song to my Spotify about three days ago and haven't gotten sick of it, despite playing it about 32 times.

brown eyed girl | van morrison
Now you talk about a summer song. This song is so embedded into me from summer weekends where we'd eat Waffle House for breakfast, Cam and I would get to choose $1 worth of songs, and my love of the syrup-less, butter-less waffle began.

come on get higher | sugarland
I'm not a big fan of this band, but this cover is great.

uptight (everything's alright) | stevie wonder
I was reminded of this song last week and now I can't stop dancing around the apartment to his greatest hits album on Spotify. So here.

don't bring me down | elo
I love this song and Poodle and I are driving up to the lake together and we will jam to this.

get me golden | terraplane sun
This is relatively new to me, but I really like everything I've heard from these guys.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

mindy kaling is awesome (profanity lies ahead)

I am thinking about treating myself to this awesome print from Ann Shen because I love the words and the woman that said them.

Walk with a bit extra in your stride today and say these words when you doubt yourself.

*also if you are offended by the profanity, please never ride in the car with me when I am headed home to Atlanta on a Friday afternoon. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I will read these 5 books before the summer ends, even if it kills me

Well if you were wondering just how long a blog post title can be—there it is, folks. A woman could've carried a child full term in the time it took you to read that.

So things at work are busy....wait. Actually they're not, it's 4th of July and everyone is off so I've been spending a lot of time IMing my coworkers talking about important things like my go-to karaoke songs and hearing about how many pieces of pizza is too much (apparently not 7, according to this guy at work). Moving on.

It's been a month of summer and I have yet to read a single book. It's so bad that I'm making a blog post about the 5 books I will read before the summer ends so that I can hold myself accountable.

So I'm considering the end of summer to be Labor Day, so 2 months to read 5 books. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

books-summer by hclane on Polyvore

save the date | mary kay andrews
It ain't summer until I read a Mary Kay Andrews book, y'all. I already bought this, so hopefully one weekend at the lake will be all it takes to finish it.
landline | rainbow rowell
I absolutely adore all her books, so obviously I'm super excited to read her newest. 
one plus one | jojo moyes
I can't even talk about the feelings that her 2013 book me before you brought, so let's just say I really want to read this. 
the one and only | emily giffin
I've heard this isn't very good, but I read all her books and I already bought it before I heard that the plot is kind of crazy. 
one more thing | bj novak 
I KNOW. I haven't read it and I'm so sorry. It will be done by the summer. Soup snakes forever.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I haven't done one of these in awhile, so I thought I'd dig up some photos from my iPhone and show you what's been going on (or stuff that I found worthy of a picture). Enjoy!
Throwing it way back to April (no big deal, it's July), Cam and I on Easter. I really think this sums up our relationship.
My mom sent cupcakes for my birthday. They were delicious and somehow I did not even get the red velvet one I wanted because my office mates are basically savages when it comes to baked goods.

The Weasel and I share the same birthday because we brought her home on my 18th, so naturally she had a cake as well. This is her, one shark tooth already inside the treat.

Oh and I had to break down and buy new glasses because I work at a computer and my eyes were getting all sorts of cray and my insurance is good, so why not. Look at that nerd—glasses and a Peter Pan collar.

Downtown at lunchtime. Seriously y'all, how pretty is my city?

My favorite! A very strange picture of me and two of my friends from work. We were out celebrating a coworker's promotion and this photo resulted.

And finally—took my Dad to a baseball game on two weekends ago on Friday night because I didn't go home for Fathers Day weekend. A lot of people don't like baseball, but it runs through my blood. So many hours spent watching Cam practice, going to the batting cages...memories.
And finally, J stopped into town twice in June. Both were quick trips, but we found ourselves downtown on the Sunday of the USA/Portugal match. So naturally we watched it while consuming mass amounts of fried pickles (so good). And a selfie for the road.

So there's a recent recap! I hope your summer is going swimmingly.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Movies to See: About Alex

I love any movie that slightly resembles The Big Chill. Life often happens like that—you don't get to spend any real, life-changing time with your old friends until something major happens that forces you together. Hope you like this trailer as much as I do. (Although will anything ever compare to this perfect moment?)

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

sounds of summer

don't gotta work it out | fitz and the tantrums
Although this doesn't compare to my love of this song from last summer, it's solid.
xo | john mayer
Don't judge. I can't help it!
hero | family of the year
The Boyhood trailer is so beautiful and I can't stop listening to this song.
spitting fire | the boxer rebellion
This song is absolute perfection.
guiltfree | bootstraps
Driving home. Late at night. You'll thank me later.
keep together | hunter hunted
This one is great for driving anywhere in the AM.
a sky full of stars | coldplay
It is always wonderful when Coldplay releases an album in the summer—always brings me back to 2008 summer when Viva La Vida took over my life.
settle down | the 1975
These guys are always somewhere on my playlists and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
boy | ra ra riot
I listen to this a lot when I'm working out and it has yet to get old.
loveblood | king charles
I always choose a great song to end my drive to work with—this one is my current fave.

If you have Spotify, view the playlist here.