Thursday, October 16, 2014

Here's the situation

It has been a wild couple of weeks over here. Three of my good friends at the office have left in the past month and it has been going-away party this, last karaoke night that, yada yada. It's so hard to believe I knew none of these people ten months ago and here I am, getting weepy at their departures and planning going away celebrations. It's bananas.
So here's a couple of things...
-I got a new car and she is lovely. I traded in my Camry for an SUV. A lot of people from work are getting new rides lately, I think I started a revolution. Rocking those work clothes, y'all.

-I am now eating lunch at home to save some cheddar, which means I often catch SVU marathons but this week I regretfully caught the end of The Way We Were. SWEET FANCY MOSES. If you've never seen it, please watch it. And then watch this clip from Sex and the City.

-I also saw Obvious Child and it is a great indie film that really nailed it. The guy (Jake Lacy) is super super cute and I'd like to marry him, please.

-If you haven't read this article from The New Yorker by Lena Dunham about Nora Ephron, stop what you're doing and read it. I broke apart at Nora's brilliant advice to Lena about dating — "You can't possibly meet someone right now. When I met Nick [her husband], I was already totally notorious...and he understood exactly what he was getting into. You can't meet someone until you've become what you're becoming".
-Lastly, here's Meghan Trainor's great cover of Shake It Off (which is totally taken over my life...I texted the word "hella" that other day).


Monday, October 6, 2014

Makeup Bag | These Were My Summer Favorites

I've been so woefully neglectful when it comes to telling you about stuff I've been using in terms of making myself look presentable, so consider this a June/July/August/September favorites post all rolled into one, okay? You've seen most of these before, but I think that makes my recommendation that much better. 

tresemme tres two hairspray | I have bought several cans of this hairspray, it is just perfect. It's also cheap, let's be real. 

lorac pro palette | I have all 3 Naked palettes but I continue to reach for this one more because it just has the best selection of colors. For Christmas, I'm definitely asking for the second one!
nars creamy concealer in vanilla | This is my touch-up concealer that I keep in my bag and it works like a charm. 

elizabeth and james nirvana white perfume | I have the black bottle as well and both are just fantastic. Plus I'm a child of the late-90s/early 2000s and I'll buy anything to relive my love of Mary Kate and Ashley (this is their brand). 

maybelline the rocket mascara | I told you about this back in January and I'm on tube #3 of the year. It's that good. 

bumble + bumble surf spray | I'm dreadfully close to running out of this, but I've had it for 2 years so I guess it is about time. I spray this on the bottom half of my second-day curled hair and it gives me the most "I woke up like this" easy waves ever. 

covergirl outlast foundation in 180 | This is my second bottle of this in 2014 and I still like it a lot. It's medium coverage and stays on all day. 

nars bronzer in laguna | I have yet to find a drugstore bronzer that I love as much as this one. It's just the perfect glow and not too much for my skin (which, now that summer is gone, is growing closer to vampire with every passing day). 

naked basics palette | All I need in life is this and the Lorac Pro palette and my life would be complete. They released a second palette this year and I want it, Christmas cannot come fast enough. 

bumble + bumble dryspun finish | I continue to love this, especially on freshly-curled hair for extra volume and it smells amaze-balls.

So there are my recent favorites! Anything you're currently loving?


Sunday, September 28, 2014

no. not okay.

Well this weekend was very A Tale of Two Cities over here. Best of times, worst of times. You know. 
The best? Having Poodle in town was just the best thing ever. We are closer now than when I lived twenty minutes away and we had an absolute blast. Karaoke, food, football, food, boys, food, drinks, and several rounds of Heads Up. Perfection. 
And then the worst. Besides the fact that I did eventually had to see Poodle leave, I also decided that Sunday afternoon was the perfect time to finally watch The Fault in our Stars. I overestimated my emotional stability. I wasn't thrown by what happened, as I had read the book, but it was so much emotion and I'm not used to all those feels. When Hazel delivered the line about infinities, I lost it.
As in pause the movie, pace around the apartment, it'll be okay, eat some cookie dough. 

I didn't connect with that line when I read the book, but Lord knows it worked some major voodoo on me when she said it in the movie. 
Weeping, y'all. 
Here's the quote if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

It just breaks my heart how grateful she is, despite having been dealt such a horrible hand. I try so hard to live this stage of my life to the fullest, but never thought to live it specifically out of gratitude. And now I'm crying again, damn you John Green.

Happy Monday!
Xoxo Hannah

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

what is life

Well it's been a bit since I updated you on my life and since I'm sure you're just dying to know what's been going on (what's the 411? what's the hot gossip?).
Basically I have not much to tell you except that I went to Music Midtown and finally saw John Mayer. I also saw about 29842 girls wearing the exact same outfit, I felt very uncool in my normal shirts versus what they were wearing (basically mom jeans yanked so far up, the good china was out for the world to see).
Other than that, my life is basically constantly in transit between several weird things like refilling the Brita pitcher, going to Trader Joe's for guacamole, picking my next karaoke song, going out on Thursdays, and sleeping on the weekends. Oh, and trying to avoid the forever-long glare of my temporary boss (mine is on maternity leave).
So that's all I have for you! Fall TV shows are starting back up, which is awful because I'm thinking about getting rid of my cable because I hardly ever watch TV since I have Netflix. These are the problems that haunt me.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Q + A | #7

After a long break from the question posts, I've decided to keep them going. I am still in love with my question-a-day journal so I thought I'd share the love! Happy Friday!

31. Name one of your favorite song covers. 
Here are the first two that come to mind... Almost any cover of Angel from Montgomery (mostly Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi). And Kids cover by the Kooks. 
32. Describe the best dinner you've had in the past month.
Labor Day weekend I went to the Poodle's restaurant and had the best white chicken chili nachos and guac. We laughed the entire time, Poodle brought me an entire pitcher of Diet Coke, and my Dad jokingly prayed loudly "and Lord, help my baby girl get herself some big tips". And it did not sound like he said tips (think for a second) and I nearly passed out from laughing so hard.

33. What is your current drink order? 
I love Long Island Iced Tea (I know, I know), but those are kinda hit or miss depending on who makes them. So to be safe I'll say Bud Light, gosh I feel so gross saying that (like I'm fueling some Southern stereotype). I might as well say Natty Light in a can.

34. Which relative would you name your child after?
If I ever have a kid, I'd definitely name him/her after my maternal grandparents—Henry and Annette. They are my favorite couple on the planet, it only makes sense.

35. What were you like as a sophomore in high school?
Sophomore year was kinda my "lost year" (like Jesus, ya know). I was so very concerned with what people thought, so much so that I can't actually remember who I was back then. I was scared and I wore a green dress to homecoming. That's all I got for you.

Monday, September 15, 2014

this doesn't mean i'm ready for fall


Despite the fact that I love the idea of fall, the cold weather is not my friend. We cut ties last year when the South was punished for introducing the world to the likes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta (that's really the only thing that explains why on earth the weather was so bat-shiz nasty last year). It wasn't too bad in Greenville, but let's be honest. I wore a sweater to work last week because it was in the low '70s. I'm not meant for the cold. 

Anyways, since apparently I can do nothing about this, I've looked around and found some cute stuff that would make the season change a little bit less painful. So here ya go. 

1. These are from Old Navy and I want them. I'm a little iffy about wearing them free-pigs (aka no socks) (does anyone else call their toes 'pigs' or is that just my family?), but we'll see. 

2. I have this old sweater from Target that is grey and I bought it during Christmas 2008. There are at least three holes, so it's time to upgrade. This is cute. 

3. This flutter-sleeve top from Forever 21 seems like a good idea, but it's one of those shirts that could turn into an absolute disaster. 

4. These are the Pixie pants for Old Navy and they are long and I want them. I need new works pants and these look pretty solid. 

5. This top is cute. Since I go out on occasion, I've had to buy a few shirts because it turns out I own nothing. I really like the Love 21 stuff at F21, it's a little bit better quality. 

6. Again, Love 21. Super basic, but super cute. 

7. So an early Christmas miracle happened and I actually found this in-store and tried it on. I didn't get it, but it's super cute. 

8. American Eagle has some cute jeans right now and although I haven't worn their stuff since the early days of high school, I think I might give these a try. 

9. Yep, Alex and Ani. How cute. 

10. Again, Old Navy. I need a pair of black ankle boots I can wear with dresses. These are a good deal and have some good reviews. 

There you have it. Are you excited for fall or do you still have nightmares from last winter? 


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Last week wasn't so bad (and yes, I'm still addicted to Netflix)

(I sent this picture to J and the Poodle last week, I feel like you need it too)

So last week wasn't as doomsday as my last post may have predicted, but it was fairly weird. I have had a few really good weeks at work, performance-wise, and I'm literally waiting for the other shoe to drop with that one (because that's how I do it, y'all). So nothing much happened. I had zero Coke Icees (since I'm not getting Diet Cokes at lunch, I'm still letting myself get one the two/three times I go to QT a week...girl's gotta drink). I went out on Thursday to watch the beautiful Aaron Rodgers lose to the Seahawks. And I danced at work on Friday and it was a thing of beauty. Running man meets twerkin', I can't explain exactly what went down except that my coworkers are all on mental health leave for the trauma they experienced having witnessed that.

Anyways. So this weekend I finally got a chance to watch some Netflix (meaning I've finally remembered to set up my Netflix on the TV) and here are three things I'm loving (and one thing I am not having).
-The Paradise is a BBC show (aka my version of cocaine) about a department store and those that work there. Nothing gets my heart a'flutterin' like British accents and mini-series.
-Stuck in Love is a movie by the guy that directed The Fault in Our Stars (I have yet to see it). It's cute and sweet and unfortunately I still don't love Lily Collins but I do love Greg Kinnear.
-Criminal Minds. Now I don't love this but I discovered something very gruesome. They only have 5 seasons of my beloved SVU on Netflix right now. UNACCEPTABLE. I need to always be able to watch Elliot Stabler solve crime, people, or things could turn bleak.

So there's what I have for you. I hope you had a good weekend!