Thursday, September 18, 2014

Q + A | #7

After a long break from the question posts, I've decided to keep them going. I am still in love with my question-a-day journal so I thought I'd share the love! Happy Friday!

31. Name one of your favorite song covers. 
Here are the first two that come to mind... Almost any cover of Angel from Montgomery (mostly Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi). And Kids cover by the Kooks. 
32. Describe the best dinner you've had in the past month.
Labor Day weekend I went to the Poodle's restaurant and had the best white chicken chili nachos and guac. We laughed the entire time, Poodle brought me an entire pitcher of Diet Coke, and my Dad jokingly prayed loudly "and Lord, help my baby girl get herself some big tips". And it did not sound like he said tips (think for a second) and I nearly passed out from laughing so hard.

33. What is your current drink order? 
I love Long Island Iced Tea (I know, I know), but those are kinda hit or miss depending on who makes them. So to be safe I'll say Bud Light, gosh I feel so gross saying that (like I'm fueling some Southern stereotype). I might as well say Natty Light in a can.

34. Which relative would you name your child after?
If I ever have a kid, I'd definitely name him/her after my maternal grandparents—Henry and Annette. They are my favorite couple on the planet, it only makes sense.

35. What were you like as a sophomore in high school?
Sophomore year was kinda my "lost year" (like Jesus, ya know). I was so very concerned with what people thought, so much so that I can't actually remember who I was back then. I was scared and I wore a green dress to homecoming. That's all I got for you.

Monday, September 15, 2014

this doesn't mean i'm ready for fall


Despite the fact that I love the idea of fall, the cold weather is not my friend. We cut ties last year when the South was punished for introducing the world to the likes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta (that's really the only thing that explains why on earth the weather was so bat-shiz nasty last year). It wasn't too bad in Greenville, but let's be honest. I wore a sweater to work last week because it was in the low '70s. I'm not meant for the cold. 

Anyways, since apparently I can do nothing about this, I've looked around and found some cute stuff that would make the season change a little bit less painful. So here ya go. 

1. These are from Old Navy and I want them. I'm a little iffy about wearing them free-pigs (aka no socks) (does anyone else call their toes 'pigs' or is that just my family?), but we'll see. 

2. I have this old sweater from Target that is grey and I bought it during Christmas 2008. There are at least three holes, so it's time to upgrade. This is cute. 

3. This flutter-sleeve top from Forever 21 seems like a good idea, but it's one of those shirts that could turn into an absolute disaster. 

4. These are the Pixie pants for Old Navy and they are long and I want them. I need new works pants and these look pretty solid. 

5. This top is cute. Since I go out on occasion, I've had to buy a few shirts because it turns out I own nothing. I really like the Love 21 stuff at F21, it's a little bit better quality. 

6. Again, Love 21. Super basic, but super cute. 

7. So an early Christmas miracle happened and I actually found this in-store and tried it on. I didn't get it, but it's super cute. 

8. American Eagle has some cute jeans right now and although I haven't worn their stuff since the early days of high school, I think I might give these a try. 

9. Yep, Alex and Ani. How cute. 

10. Again, Old Navy. I need a pair of black ankle boots I can wear with dresses. These are a good deal and have some good reviews. 

There you have it. Are you excited for fall or do you still have nightmares from last winter? 


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Last week wasn't so bad (and yes, I'm still addicted to Netflix)

(I sent this picture to J and the Poodle last week, I feel like you need it too)

So last week wasn't as doomsday as my last post may have predicted, but it was fairly weird. I have had a few really good weeks at work, performance-wise, and I'm literally waiting for the other shoe to drop with that one (because that's how I do it, y'all). So nothing much happened. I had zero Coke Icees (since I'm not getting Diet Cokes at lunch, I'm still letting myself get one the two/three times I go to QT a week...girl's gotta drink). I went out on Thursday to watch the beautiful Aaron Rodgers lose to the Seahawks. And I danced at work on Friday and it was a thing of beauty. Running man meets twerkin', I can't explain exactly what went down except that my coworkers are all on mental health leave for the trauma they experienced having witnessed that.

Anyways. So this weekend I finally got a chance to watch some Netflix (meaning I've finally remembered to set up my Netflix on the TV) and here are three things I'm loving (and one thing I am not having).
-The Paradise is a BBC show (aka my version of cocaine) about a department store and those that work there. Nothing gets my heart a'flutterin' like British accents and mini-series.
-Stuck in Love is a movie by the guy that directed The Fault in Our Stars (I have yet to see it). It's cute and sweet and unfortunately I still don't love Lily Collins but I do love Greg Kinnear.
-Criminal Minds. Now I don't love this but I discovered something very gruesome. They only have 5 seasons of my beloved SVU on Netflix right now. UNACCEPTABLE. I need to always be able to watch Elliot Stabler solve crime, people, or things could turn bleak.

So there's what I have for you. I hope you had a good weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

this is going to be a weird week

There are just some weeks that I know are going to be cuckoo-bananas and this, most likely, is one of them. I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! Mine was spent with way too much food and never too many family and friends. But back to this week.

I know it's going to be weird and I'm already at that point where I just say "screw it" and do what I want. So far that's meant going to Whole Foods, watching Criminal Minds on Netflix and following it with the last thirty minutes of Never Been Kissed on E! channel. And then things went downhill.

I have been oddly fascinated by the Duggars for essentially since they first showed up on TV, but now that the daughters are getting married, my obsession is at all-time-high and somehow I found myself reading a blog of one of the Bates' daughters (the other mega family on TLC).
(here it is if you care)

So when I say weird, here's what I mean. Things are a'changing in various aspects of my life and while it is exciting and I know I'll make it through in one piece, it is still a lot to process. All during the month I'm going without Diet Cokes at lunch, which is just the kicker. I just want things to pause for a moment so I can breathe it all in so that, years from now, I can remember exactly how this stage of my life feels and know I savored it.

So here's hoping (and here's the cutest pinterest find of the week).

Monday, August 25, 2014

sounds of summer | august is the worst

Well August is basically over which means its nearly time for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I can't handle this year going so fast. I thought I'd do one more summer playlist, just for kicks. By the way, if I haven't mentioned it a million times — Spotify. The end.

house of gold | twenty one pilots
This guy at work is obsessed and it was only a matter of time before I had to listen (plus they'll be at Music Midtown!)
hold on, we're going home | drake
I'm so late to this party, it's not even funny. It's actually sad but I don't care because this song is the shiz.
ain't it fun | paramore
Oh gosh, y'all. It's like high school all over again. So many memories jamming to crushcrushcrush and that's what you get
every other freckle | alt-j
Yes. A thousand times yes.
trojans | atlas genius
If songs were people, this one would be the likeable, pretty girl that everyone wanted at their table (IDK, sometimes I say stuff like this).
change | churchill
 Here's what makes a good song (in my mind): when it only gets better with the windows rolled down.This is such a song.
i don't dance | lee brice
I basically weep to this one once a day and I have no idea why.
 dirt | florida georgia line
I don't even know who I am anymore, two country songs in one playlist.
on our way | the royal concept
Well this is a cute song and that's all I have to say for myself.
come get it bae | pharrell williams
Despite the fact I'm a little put-off by the word bae, this song is addictive. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

shake it off

Let's not pretend that I haven't listened to this 38463 times already and danced around as I was drying my hair last night. Dang it, Taylor Swift.

Monday, August 18, 2014

134 tissues later

Well we are back from Disney and wouldn't you know the cold that Poodle had somehow made its way to me. We returned on Thursday, I was fine on Friday, but then came Saturday morning at the unholy hour of 5 where I woke up basically besieged by the plague. To top that all off, on Friday I didn't eat very much all day and went out that night and drank some of the alcohol. So I was really hurting.

Ergo, Saturday I was completely useless. I rented The Other Woman (clearly the sickness altered my state of mind), went through all the tissues I had on hand, and managed to pull myself together long enough to get dinner from Whole Foods hot bar. Sunday morning I woke up at 7 and discovered I was out of tissues. Normally, I could sleep that reality off like a normal person, but I could not sleep knowing my nose in need did not have Puffs. So I went to Wal-Mart at 7:30, bought enough tissues for the village, rented 3 movies from Redbox, and came home and fell asleep until 2.

So to reward you for reading that entire saga, here is one of the many singalongs Poodle and I hosted on our Disney trip. Enjoy!