Saturday, November 22, 2014


Y'all know I like to get a bit obsessed with things (let us recall North & South, 40 Days of Dating, The Killing, etc.). Recently I've stumbled across a pretty popular podcast and have to tell you about it.
It's a weekly show called Serial that traces a fifteen year old crime where a teenage boy was convicted of killing his ex girlfriend. The boy, now man, is still sitting in jail when the host, Sarah Koenig, is approached by a family friend to investigate the circumstantial evidence that put him behind bars. I'm on episode 5 now (I binge-listened the first 4 on Saturday afternoon whilst running errands and beating back a hangover) and there is no clear indicator as to how this story ends.

Is the boy, Adnan Syed, innocent of the crime he's been paying for? Or was the right decision made so many years ago to lock him up?

I'm not sure if the case will be resolved by the end of the first season (they're already talking about season 2!), but it's fascinating. Sarah is a great host/narrator and it is incredibly gripping.
If you drive a lot for your job, you definitely need to look into this for some good listening.
Do you listen to Serial? Are you as into it as I am?


Monday, November 17, 2014

My favorite things (aka your Christmas list)


I am nothing if not a champion gift giver, so Christmas is basically my Olympics. Over the next few weeks, I'll share my wishlist and things I can't wait to give people (obviously people that don't read this blog). But I thought I'd start with 10 things that I have that I think a lot of girls (let's be real, this list is 75% female specific) would love to get. So here we go!

Q + A journal | I can't recommend this more, I am so glad I started this. The questions are easy to answer and the answers will change with each year. I can't wait to read it when I'm done!

Netflix subscription | If you're lucky enough to know someone who does not have one (or a friend's password to borrow), do them the giant solid of sharing Netflix with them. So good.
Sam Edelman boots | These booties are literally the the best shoes I own. I love them! They go with a lot and they are comfortable. They're pricey but so worth it. 

Mindy Kaling book | This remains my favorite celebrity memoir/essay book/etc. Plus she has a new book coming soon, so go ahead and get yourself/someone else hooked!

Longchamp large tote | I've had this purse for two years and I love it for traveling and rainy days. It's useful the other days of the year, but it really comes in handy when you're battling the elements or the fellow travelers. 

Issey Miyake perfume | Let's be real. If someone gave me perfume, I'd probably panic. I'm very specific on the fragrences I like and Britney Spears Midnight Olive Garden Fantasy is not cutting it for me. But this—this perfume is perfect and it is my signature scent (I stole it from my mother). It's light, not too flowery, but not too clove/amber/sandalwood and manly either.

Patagonia pullover | This is expensive, but mine is two years old now and totally held up. It's so warm, I've worn it without a jacket in NYC in December. You can't beat that.

Old Navy socks | This is dumb, but I lose socks very easily for someone who lives alone in a one-bedroom (WHERE DO THEY ALL GO?). Cozy socks are cheap and always a crowd pleaser in my book. 

Soap & Glory set | Again, not a fan of getting scented products. This stuff has a really mild, nice scent that will please the most savage of beasts. 

Snoopy tervis | I bought one back in January and love it so much. They're great for work/school and also good for home (so you don't deal with condensation rings on your furniture). And Snoopy and Woodstock? COME ON. 

So there you have it! Next week I'll share things on my Christmas list. Happy shopping! 



Saturday, November 8, 2014


could call this post "Oh hayyyyy November" because what the heck, you turn around twice and now you're seeing inflatable turkeys and Black Friday commercials. It's too much.
So here are some recent pictures and my apologies for being so absent lately, there's a lot going on over here. So many post-work naps. 
We are going through a big promotion push at work and all of these people are leaving me. This guy at work gave me great advice - we just aren't making any more friends unless they're staying in Greenville for life. So there's that.
I was Hermoine for Halloween (part one). I went out later that night and changed into costume 2 - a contestant on Legends of the Hidden Temple (purple parrots!). It was a good call because I ended up spending the night at my friends and my costume was a tshirt and Nike leggings. Basically pajamas.
Speaking of Halloween, IT SNOWED that night. What?!?
I paid a surprise visit home on the Saturday after Halloween and I found this guy at Target. I am so getting him. I might  not have a tree, but I am definitely having a Santa-hat, scarf wearing pig.
Poodle was thrilled to see me.
This weekend we went to the mountains and Weezie and I loved being reunited again so soon. 

And that's that. 
Happy Saturday! 

Xoxo Hannah

Monday, October 27, 2014

It's all too much

I am starting to lose it, y'all. And it's not even November. I thought I'd quickly update you on what's been going on and tell you that I'm still alive (but I'm barely breathing) (and that song is now in my head).
I went to Pittsburgh this past weekend. I took a day off work and everything! It was huge. I got up at zero-dark-thirty, parked my car at my friend Tim's apartment, and he drove me to the airport. How fancy am I? I have friends that volunteer to drive me to the airport.
I saw my puppies, my mother, and I flew on four separate planes. It was a big weekend for all. We did some shopping, I got a little tipsy at lunch (apparently one tall boy was enough for me), we watched The Way We Were (my third time this month), and my mom and I recited parts from You've Got Mail for my stepdad. And we probably ate about 3849384 calories each.
Both of my work husbands are gone, which depresses me to no end. Mainly because these two were my karaoke night people. So now there's no karaoke night, at least not in the near future. We did one last big outing, where I sang Valerie and Summer Nights and drank way too much for a Tuesday night.
Other than that, I'm just trying to find a Halloween costume that won't make my dad weep in shame or make me look like I belong in a lock-up after a prostitution bust. The things the costume industry can label "sexy" is so disturbing, I think the costume designers need to have their heads examined.
Oh, and if you're stressed, take heart. I had so much on my mind last night I only shaved one leg in the shower and didn't realize it until THIS MORNING when I was in a meeting. And I wore a skirt. It was only nine o'clock and I wanted to give up right then and there. 
Here are some pictures with my puppies.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Here's the situation

It has been a wild couple of weeks over here. Three of my good friends at the office have left in the past month and it has been going-away party this, last karaoke night that, yada yada. It's so hard to believe I knew none of these people ten months ago and here I am, getting weepy at their departures and planning going away celebrations. It's bananas.
So here's a couple of things...
-I got a new car and she is lovely. I traded in my Camry for an SUV. A lot of people from work are getting new rides lately, I think I started a revolution. Rocking those work clothes, y'all.

-I am now eating lunch at home to save some cheddar, which means I often catch SVU marathons but this week I regretfully caught the end of The Way We Were. SWEET FANCY MOSES. If you've never seen it, please watch it. And then watch this clip from Sex and the City.

-I also saw Obvious Child and it is a great indie film that really nailed it. The guy (Jake Lacy) is super super cute and I'd like to marry him, please.

-If you haven't read this article from The New Yorker by Lena Dunham about Nora Ephron, stop what you're doing and read it. I broke apart at Nora's brilliant advice to Lena about dating — "You can't possibly meet someone right now. When I met Nick [her husband], I was already totally notorious...and he understood exactly what he was getting into. You can't meet someone until you've become what you're becoming".
-Lastly, here's Meghan Trainor's great cover of Shake It Off (which is totally taken over my life...I texted the word "hella" that other day).


Monday, October 6, 2014

Makeup Bag | These Were My Summer Favorites

I've been so woefully neglectful when it comes to telling you about stuff I've been using in terms of making myself look presentable, so consider this a June/July/August/September favorites post all rolled into one, okay? You've seen most of these before, but I think that makes my recommendation that much better. 

tresemme tres two hairspray | I have bought several cans of this hairspray, it is just perfect. It's also cheap, let's be real. 

lorac pro palette | I have all 3 Naked palettes but I continue to reach for this one more because it just has the best selection of colors. For Christmas, I'm definitely asking for the second one!
nars creamy concealer in vanilla | This is my touch-up concealer that I keep in my bag and it works like a charm. 

elizabeth and james nirvana white perfume | I have the black bottle as well and both are just fantastic. Plus I'm a child of the late-90s/early 2000s and I'll buy anything to relive my love of Mary Kate and Ashley (this is their brand). 

maybelline the rocket mascara | I told you about this back in January and I'm on tube #3 of the year. It's that good. 

bumble + bumble surf spray | I'm dreadfully close to running out of this, but I've had it for 2 years so I guess it is about time. I spray this on the bottom half of my second-day curled hair and it gives me the most "I woke up like this" easy waves ever. 

covergirl outlast foundation in 180 | This is my second bottle of this in 2014 and I still like it a lot. It's medium coverage and stays on all day. 

nars bronzer in laguna | I have yet to find a drugstore bronzer that I love as much as this one. It's just the perfect glow and not too much for my skin (which, now that summer is gone, is growing closer to vampire with every passing day). 

naked basics palette | All I need in life is this and the Lorac Pro palette and my life would be complete. They released a second palette this year and I want it, Christmas cannot come fast enough. 

bumble + bumble dryspun finish | I continue to love this, especially on freshly-curled hair for extra volume and it smells amaze-balls.

So there are my recent favorites! Anything you're currently loving?


Sunday, September 28, 2014

no. not okay.

Well this weekend was very A Tale of Two Cities over here. Best of times, worst of times. You know. 
The best? Having Poodle in town was just the best thing ever. We are closer now than when I lived twenty minutes away and we had an absolute blast. Karaoke, food, football, food, boys, food, drinks, and several rounds of Heads Up. Perfection. 
And then the worst. Besides the fact that I did eventually had to see Poodle leave, I also decided that Sunday afternoon was the perfect time to finally watch The Fault in our Stars. I overestimated my emotional stability. I wasn't thrown by what happened, as I had read the book, but it was so much emotion and I'm not used to all those feels. When Hazel delivered the line about infinities, I lost it.
As in pause the movie, pace around the apartment, it'll be okay, eat some cookie dough. 

I didn't connect with that line when I read the book, but Lord knows it worked some major voodoo on me when she said it in the movie. 
Weeping, y'all. 
Here's the quote if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

It just breaks my heart how grateful she is, despite having been dealt such a horrible hand. I try so hard to live this stage of my life to the fullest, but never thought to live it specifically out of gratitude. And now I'm crying again, damn you John Green.

Happy Monday!
Xoxo Hannah