Sunday, August 30, 2015

hurricane summer | playlist

So I know. I'm a bad blogger. Honestly this summer has been such a blur - yesterday it was Memorial Day and now it's the end of August and I'm talking about Ole Miss again and trying to figure out football as I still don't totally understand it. But here is the music that has been my soundtrack all summer.
Some favorites...
-Allen Stone for anytime you need to feel better.
-Jon Bellion for driving.
-John Newman's Come and Get It for every moment of my life.
-Sanders Bohike's Search and Destroy for almost eight minutes of emotion.
-Sam Hunt for my husband.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Here's what's happened

So I took a long-ass break from blogging unintentionally, but here's a quick summary...

-Murray has been in Pittsburgh with my mother because apartment living is not for dogs. 
-I had a great 24th birthday, including a Chick-fil-A gift card, two desserts made by my friends, a big win at work, karaoke night with my people, and tacos. 
-I went to Charleston for the first time and got a better tan than I've had in years.
-I went to Needtobreathe in Atlanta with J and we had a blast. By blast I mean wine coolers, beer, and vodka. And also Cookout afterwards.
-I saw a sneak peek of Spy with Melissa McCarthy (who, according to Tim, when mixed with Anne Hathaway, equals me). It was hilarious and I haven't laughed that hard since Bridesmaids.

I still keep that Q & A journal and reading last year's entries is one of the best parts of my day. 2014 was such a big year for me, I keep reading thinking "just wait, it only gets better". It so does, it gets better when you put yourself out there and let yourself be vulnerable. Meet new people, go new places. I only look back and wish I was even more brave than I allowed, hopefully that won't be the case for 2015. 

I guess since this is a big recap post of the past few months, I'm getting sentimental and making such observations. But there it is. 

Be brave, so brave they don't even recognize you. Visit the place, dance to the song, kiss the boy, read the book, stay out a little later, eat the ice cream. I'm rooting for you (for us).

Thursday, March 19, 2015

My life is basically Marley and Me

Let me tell you...for someone that takes six months to decide to cut her hair, I sure had no problem buying a puppy. 
So I got a golden retriever. His name is Murray. He likes a stuffed moose and my fake Uggs from WalMart. He is a big fan of carrots. And I've lost so much sleep I can't even begin to process this past month.
We've had several stages. First the brilliant puppy that sleeps all day. Then the puppy that figured out how to bark, so Hannah had to move his crate into the bedroom. For awhile there was the waking up at 4, ready for the day. And now we are at the hit-or-miss sleep schedule where Hannah is constantly waffling on if she's glad she got a puppy.

I'm a terrible person.

We are going home to Georgia this weekend, so Lord only knows how that is going to go. Hopefully the drive will knock old Murray out once we get there and e wil sleep like the furry little baby that he is.

Friday, February 20, 2015

One plus one

My friend Meg told me awhile back that it surprised her I'm not an organized person. She's managed to see my apartment in disarray twice and I'm sad to admit it's not a pretty sight. So I'm cleaning tonight and tomorrow morning, before I go out tomorrow night. Grown up life, y'all. It's disgusting. I even had the pleasure of spending just a little under $200 on my car — holla. Anyways, it was a big weekend for the Hizzle, so cleaning was a must. But first...

I saw About Alex and it's lovely. I bought it on Amazon Instant Video for $5, such a steal. I am all for those movies where friends reunite for a specific reason (The Big Chill effect) and this one is the best I've seen yet. It also further cemented my love for Aubrey Plaza and Max Greenfield.

So on Sunday, I went to Lexington to pick up this little guy and my life has changed forever. Meet Murray. 

Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Some love songs for you

I've never been one to dread Valentine's Day. I say embrace it. If you're single, so what? Eat the candy, watch the movies, drink the wine. Now I can give you recommendations on all these things (Nerds, The Way We Were, Little Black Dress chardonnay), but I'm just going to leave this playlist here because love songs never go out of style (and now I have that song stuck in my head). Also here are a few beautiful Pinterest finds, because who doesn't love a good bit of typography?

So have a good Valentine's Day. Whether you're going on a romantic date, seeing that movie that everyone feels the need to post about on Facebook, or going to the lake with your friends (just me?). You're loved. 

xoxo Hannah

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Someone put a ring on it (just to clarify, I am not the it in that phrase)

So a lot happened recently, first and foremost I've now consumed more wine in the past two weeks than I had my entire life before that. So if you saw a weird Snapchat or received one too many wine glass emojis from me, so sorry. We started having wine and Bachelor night on Tuesdays because neither me nor my friend have cable so we watch it the next night. And we can't just miss out on the mystery that is Farmer Chris. I am so close to applying for next season just to be the April Ludgate in the crowd of Gretchen Weiners that sign up for that show.

Anyways. I've also been sick again for a hot second, which decided to really manifest on Wednesday morning which happened to be the day after I drank an entire bottle of chardonnay so I had a head cold plus a hangover which was way too much for me to handle. It's been getting real around here.

Also getting real — my friend for more than ten years, C, got engaged this past weekend. We're not as close as we were in middle/high school, but she called me and J on Saturday morning to tell us before it hit Facebook. That's friendship right there. I got teary-eyed because that's what you do when you're genuinely happy for someone and you met that someone when you both were awkward and wore uniforms to school everyday. Here's a flashback photo for ya.
So that's my life right now. I was going to go home this weekend but ended up just going out on Friday and staying in on Saturday (all day) except to go to Trader Joe's for important things like avocados and sushi. I also watched Beside Still Waters this weekend and it was cute. I am a sucker for movies that remind me of The Big Chill, so it was only a matter of time. Watch it if you get a chance.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Q + A | #8

36. What advice would you give yourself a year ago? 
Calm down. It will all be fine. Also: don't worry about buying pots and pans. You won't really need them.

37. What is one thing you need to do? 
Hang curtains (well actually buy the curtains) (and the curtain rod). Just decorate my apartment in general.

38. Who do you want to see in concert this year?
My dad and stepmom are going to Fleetwood Mac, incredibly jealous of that one. I'm going to a concert in Pittsburgh next month with my mom (Tedeschi Trucks) and I'm pretty pumped about that. I'm super excited to cry in public when I hear them play Midnight in Harlem.

39. Name one thing from the past six months you regret. 
Not saying certain things to certain people. The end.

40. Are you OCD? 
Not really, but when it comes to sleeping, I'm picky. The doors have to be closed, the TV has to be off, and the fan has to be off. I know when I'm really tired because I'm okay with sleeping in socks. Usually it really bothers me. Oh, and since I saw Don't Look Under the Bed I haven't been able to sleep with my feet uncovered.