Friday, February 20, 2015

One plus one

My friend Meg told me awhile back that it surprised her I'm not an organized person. She's managed to see my apartment in disarray twice and I'm sad to admit it's not a pretty sight. So I'm cleaning tonight and tomorrow morning, before I go out tomorrow night. Grown up life, y'all. It's disgusting. I even had the pleasure of spending just a little under $200 on my car — holla. Anyways, it was a big weekend for the Hizzle, so cleaning was a must. But first...

I saw About Alex and it's lovely. I bought it on Amazon Instant Video for $5, such a steal. I am all for those movies where friends reunite for a specific reason (The Big Chill effect) and this one is the best I've seen yet. It also further cemented my love for Aubrey Plaza and Max Greenfield.

So on Sunday, I went to Lexington to pick up this little guy and my life has changed forever. Meet Murray. 

Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Some love songs for you

I've never been one to dread Valentine's Day. I say embrace it. If you're single, so what? Eat the candy, watch the movies, drink the wine. Now I can give you recommendations on all these things (Nerds, The Way We Were, Little Black Dress chardonnay), but I'm just going to leave this playlist here because love songs never go out of style (and now I have that song stuck in my head). Also here are a few beautiful Pinterest finds, because who doesn't love a good bit of typography?

So have a good Valentine's Day. Whether you're going on a romantic date, seeing that movie that everyone feels the need to post about on Facebook, or going to the lake with your friends (just me?). You're loved. 

xoxo Hannah

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Someone put a ring on it (just to clarify, I am not the it in that phrase)

So a lot happened recently, first and foremost I've now consumed more wine in the past two weeks than I had my entire life before that. So if you saw a weird Snapchat or received one too many wine glass emojis from me, so sorry. We started having wine and Bachelor night on Tuesdays because neither me nor my friend have cable so we watch it the next night. And we can't just miss out on the mystery that is Farmer Chris. I am so close to applying for next season just to be the April Ludgate in the crowd of Gretchen Weiners that sign up for that show.

Anyways. I've also been sick again for a hot second, which decided to really manifest on Wednesday morning which happened to be the day after I drank an entire bottle of chardonnay so I had a head cold plus a hangover which was way too much for me to handle. It's been getting real around here.

Also getting real — my friend for more than ten years, C, got engaged this past weekend. We're not as close as we were in middle/high school, but she called me and J on Saturday morning to tell us before it hit Facebook. That's friendship right there. I got teary-eyed because that's what you do when you're genuinely happy for someone and you met that someone when you both were awkward and wore uniforms to school everyday. Here's a flashback photo for ya.
So that's my life right now. I was going to go home this weekend but ended up just going out on Friday and staying in on Saturday (all day) except to go to Trader Joe's for important things like avocados and sushi. I also watched Beside Still Waters this weekend and it was cute. I am a sucker for movies that remind me of The Big Chill, so it was only a matter of time. Watch it if you get a chance.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Q + A | #8

36. What advice would you give yourself a year ago? 
Calm down. It will all be fine. Also: don't worry about buying pots and pans. You won't really need them.

37. What is one thing you need to do? 
Hang curtains (well actually buy the curtains) (and the curtain rod). Just decorate my apartment in general.

38. Who do you want to see in concert this year?
My dad and stepmom are going to Fleetwood Mac, incredibly jealous of that one. I'm going to a concert in Pittsburgh next month with my mom (Tedeschi Trucks) and I'm pretty pumped about that. I'm super excited to cry in public when I hear them play Midnight in Harlem.

39. Name one thing from the past six months you regret. 
Not saying certain things to certain people. The end.

40. Are you OCD? 
Not really, but when it comes to sleeping, I'm picky. The doors have to be closed, the TV has to be off, and the fan has to be off. I know when I'm really tired because I'm okay with sleeping in socks. Usually it really bothers me. Oh, and since I saw Don't Look Under the Bed I haven't been able to sleep with my feet uncovered. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Notes from a hermit

I don't remember the last time I blogged, which probably means it was before Christmas. So here's a decent update for you, so make yourself a sandwich and get comfy.
So the Poodle graduated college, I took a day off work to go see it happen just to make sure it actually happened. Even Cam made an appearance! It was a miracle day all around. After the ceremony, we ate lunch at Carrabba's, the Poodle and I went back to her apartment and napped, and then she and I ate dinner together at Rusan's, where I ate my first California roll and my life changed.

We also had a massive going-away party here in Greenville at this place called the Local Cue. I haven't talked that much (I don't think) about Greenville eats, but this place has my favorite wings ever. I'm also not sure why this post is becoming a recap of what I ate in the month of December.
My mom surprised me with a quick weekend in NYC. It was spectacular — I spent most of it being sentimental and offering really sage remarks about how much life had changed. Both me and my mom moved to different states, started new jobs, and experienced a lot of new things. We stayed at the Carlyle and felt like princesses where I ate this thing called a Chocolate Mousse Tower both nights. We ate at the hotel restaurant the first night (SO GOOD) and Cafe Cluny the second. Oh, and I casually was in the same room as Emma Stone because I saw Caberet and she was wonderful.
Christmas was pretty chill this year. Mostly spent eating really well, playing Heads Up with my family, and eating the best cupcake of my life at Sprinkles in Atlanta (it was strawberry). I really don't know why this whole thing is about food. I apologize again. I came back to Greenville with plans to make a quick trip back to the ATL the first weekend of the year, but my sinus infection had other plans. I basically turned into a hermit during my week off, watched a shiz-ton of Netflix, and did weird things like update my iPhone and unsubscribe to emails from stores I don't shop at.

This is quite lengthy, but I'm on the mend after visiting the doctor and getting a prescription (and having to use my insurance for the first time ever). I'll be back at work on Monday where I have a week of saying goodbye to people. The top guy at work, the Dwight Schrute of our office, and three of my good friends.

2014 was such a great year, I'll do a recap post in a bit, but I feel like you've read enough from me (especially regarding food) for right now. Just know this. This time last year I was packing and panicking, completely unaware that this city, this job, these people — they would become my world. I am so grateful for this year. 2015 has a lot to live up to.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Here's what I want for Christmas


 So I told you things that I love that I think you should buy for other people (or add to your own wishlist, no judgment), but here are 5 things that I'm asking for this year. Sadly my list also includes a bunch of gift cards to places for home stuff because I've re-upped my lease here and I might as well start decorating. So expect to see an updated picture tour of the place in January. Anyways, onto the list...

Gap leggings | These are legit the most comfortable things on the planet. I bought them off the recommendation of Melanie Shankle over at Big Mama Blog and holy crap, bury me in these bad boys. I'm asking for another pair because I need something to wear while the originals are in the wash.

Alex and Ani bracelet | I mentioned this back in the fall, but it popped up on my Amazon recs last month and I immediately emailed my dad and asked for it. One of the strangest goals I have for 2015 is to wear more jewelry. I like to shoot for small success stories. 

Yes Please | When I bought my new car, I panicked and began to ask for things that normally I'd just buy myself, but was afraid I'd be in the poor house if I bought a twenty dollar book. So I've waited patiently to read this baby and I can't wait!

Sam Edelman booties | I need some heels to wear in the winter at work and the lovely girl that sits to my left loves this pair that she has. They are incredibly tall but she wears them all the time and they look awesome. So I'm copying over here. 

Penfield for Madewell jacket | I wanted this coat a few years ago after seeing this girl wear the khaki colored one and I finally asked for it after seeing this beauty in store. It's lovely and I can't wait. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I can support fifty degree winters.

So it's all a bit mad over here as the holidays have officially arrived. Work is crazy, promotions are still happening left and right, it's bananas. And someone on the HR team had the thoughtful idea of decorating the bathroom for Christmas with this lovely nutcracker family, which scares me every single time I walk in. The first time I caught a glimpse of that creepy face waiting for me, I screamed and nearly caused a panic. It's very exciting. 
Anyways...I haven't done a Spotify playlist in awhile (I'm still a bit mad at Taylor Swift for removing her music), so here you go! Enjoy!
Home | Naughty Boy
Proofread | Daniel Wilson
Ain't Gonna Drown | Elle King
i | Kendrick Lamar
Beware the Dog | The Griswolds
Hey Mama | David Guetta
Sun Daze | Florida Georgia Line
Billie Jean | The Civil Wars
The Heart | NeedtoBreathe
Kings and Queens | Brooke Fraser